em360 Resource Optimization is a solution for large organizations with projects and resources to manage efficiently. Developed for use in maintenance facilities, em360 Resource Optimization is ideal for any organization needing to maximize efficiency in the face of resource constraints.

With em360 Resource Optimization, project schedules are calculated and adjusted automatically as conditions change. This can include events as simple as an employee being hired, or as complex as a new manufacturing plant being brought into service.

The constraint-based resource management capability of em360 Resource Optimization makes it possible to anticipate delays and parts shortages before they happen. This lets managers make decisions on relative priorities and reallocate resources to avoid delays on the most critical projects.


  • Intuitive graphical user interface based on a modern three-tier Web-based enterprise-wide design
  • On-line help and user guide
  • Top-down management schedule and budget goal getting, plus detailed bottom-up scheduling
  • Standard lifecycle template
  • What-if analysis, capable of storing multiple planning schedules
  • An unlimited number of baselines can be compared to current schedule
  • Integrated time reporting that automatically updates plan estimates
  • On-line report generator
  • All planning information maintained in one shared database
  • No software-imposed limitations on the number of activities, resources or structures


  • All authorized users access the same consistent, complete information to make informed decisions and eliminate duplication
  • Matrix planning organizes date to fit the needs of each individual user
  • Visibility into resource management allows you to analyze work according to resource availability and organizational priorities
  • Integrated, real time conflict identification facilitates time-critical decisions
  • Comprehensive planning information in one integrated system inspires confidence and raises the commitment level of the entire organization
  • Complexity associated with traditional planning systems is replaced with powerful simplicity

Resource Optimization Overview