Built around the concepts of Six Sigma and Lean, this em360 application allows for streamlined inspection, planning, and production control. Enabling effective management of time delays, non-routines and resources at both the strategic and tactical level throughout the maintenance cycle is a specialty of em360.

  • em360 software gives your organization the convenience of pre-planning for upcoming service and maintenance by creating a schedule and timeline from the beginning to the end, for service and maintenance to be completed.
  • Resources that will be used, such as tools, parts, and certified technicians are identified during the Set-Up phase. In addition, the work order which details the list of jobs to be completed is also created during the Set-Up phase.
  • Resource and shift calendar information is applied to the work order, resource categories are assigned to Job Cards, and initial schedules are created. Reporting alerts for deliveries can be set up. Also, simulations may be run at this time. In addition, work order information can be imported by an outside system.

Proper Management of Non-Routine Work Keeps Operations on Track

To ensure all company or federally-mandated items have been checked, all inspections are completed before the actual work begins.

em360 gives your organization real-time feedback and inspectors may instantly apply non-routine work to the created work order. Also, with the constraint-based scheduling feature, em360 adjusts the existing schedule so the completion date is updated and the cost to your organization is minimal.

Managing non-routine work is just one part of em360's capabilities. The maintenance module also offers:

  • The ability to create non-routines directly in em360 and obtain approvals prior to being added to a work order
  • The ability to create Issue logs for items that arise with the entire work order or for individual tasks
  • Queried reports in a variety of formats allowing for the identification of any reoccurring patterns and access to key information for quick decision making
  • Reviewing a history of repairs that have been performed

Cost centers in the organization are accurately credited, inventory is adjusted, and vendors are contacted for the refreshment of items that have been depleted or have reached critical levels.

Assets are recorded in the system as passing all checks for safety and all regulatory agency requirements having been met, making the asset available and ready for return service with the fleet.

em360's Maintenance module clearly illustrates its power and versatility for any organization seeking a solution to accurately measure work, maintain schedules, and add the versatility of managing non-routine occurrences. em360 is the defining product for organizations of any size and scope looking to maintain a Lean and efficient operation while maximizing its resources