At 4Sight Technologies, we believe that innovative technology solutions are changing the way business is conducted throughout the world in every sector of business. In addition to offering cutting-edge technology products, we also provide consulting services for customers in many different industries.

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Who We Are

4Sight Technologies is a global IT consulting and technology company with decades of experience and expertise in business intelligence and cutting-edge technology development. We also have clients around the world with different needs, but with the same goals in mind.

Our team is comprised of talented, intelligent, creative individuals who enjoy using their skills and experience to solve complex business and technology challenges while focusing on quality. Read More


Leaning Toward Better Managerial Decision Making

May's column on BI and cost accounting (Activity-Based Costing, Business Intelligence, and Profitability) focused on how BI systems can help you establish accurate product costs and perform impact analysis to...Read More

4Sight BI Perspective: Data, Big and Otherwise, Can Save Lives


Data, Big and Otherwise, Can Save Lives

Last month’s column discussed a couple of the ways data analytics are helping medical researchers find successful treatments, and how Medicare and Medicaid auditors can sift through data to find fraudulent claims and...Read More

4Sight BI Perspective: Health Care

BI Keeps Health Care Healthy


Most discussions about health care tend to focus on who pays for it and how much it costs. But there are many...Read More

4Sight-BI Perspective, May, 2014

Activity-Based Costing, Business Intelligence, and Profitability

If your company sells a wide variety of products or services, it can be hard to tell which offerings are the most profitable and which aren’t pulling their weight.  Accounting tries to...Read More

4Sight BI Perspective, April, 2014

BI Strikes Out the Status Quo

Last month’s MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference featured an intriguing research paper revealing that baseball umpires show a strong statistical tendency to avoid making “pivotal” calls. When there are two strikes...Read More

4Sight BI Perspective, March, 2014

BI improves auditors’ vision

In previous months, we’ve looked at how BI and data analytics are useful for detecting fraud. A related BI application gaining wider currency is internal audit. Managing risk and improving internal...Read More

What We Do

At 4Sight, we provide innovative, cutting-edge technology and business intelligence solutions for the world’s leading businesses. With decades of experience and expertise, 4Sight is a leading provider of solutions for companies in a variety of industries and business sectors including banking and finance, insurance, aerospace, transportation, defense, and the government.Read More

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